The popularity of Will Smith goes through an abrupt decline following the Oscars' slap.

The popularity of Will Smith has dramatically decreased in the past few months following the time the actor's slap on Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars earlier in the year.

According to the Independent, the King Richard superstar's fame rating was judged using Q Scores, and the information was supplied to Variety magazine.

For those who aren't familiar the Q score is basically an entertainment industry metric to evaluate a performer's appeal.

Prior to the slapgate incident, The Pursuit of Happyness actor was said to be in the 10 most "positively rated actors" on Q's list.

However, in the polling of July, the 53-year-old's negative score went from 10 to 26 so the average score was 16.

Henry Schafer, the Q Scores executive Henry Schafer, the Q Scores executive Variety, "

The results show that there was a very significant and precipitous decline of Smith's popularity."

In the meantime, there was no change in the comedian's scores.

The month before, Smith also released a YouTube video in which he apologized to Rock and the family of the comedian for his actions during the concert.