Will Smith's "Emancipation," a song, gets a release date, and post-slap

New YORK (AP) (AP)The film, which was previously held "Emancipation" in doubt 

due to Will Smith's assault on Chris Rock at the Academy Awards in March, Apple will release the actor's upcoming big project in December.

In the aftermath of Smith's assault on Chris Rock, the fate of "Emancipation" -the $120 million runaway slave drama produced by Antoine Fuqua -- had been in doubt. 

The most prominent of Apple's projects to date the film had was expected to become an Oscar contender this year. 

However, an awards-season rollout of a film starring Smith who has the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences barred from participating in the Oscars for 10 years is bound to cause complications.

Over this weekend Apple along with the NAACP hosted the premiere movie screening on the streets of Washington

in conjunction with the Congress Black Caucus Foundation's Legislative Conference.

Smith was present at the screening and gave a speech on stage.

The launch of "Emancipation" is expected to be the most difficult test to date of the level of excitement among moviegoers