X-Men - Tom Hardy is a stunner as Wolverine in this jaw-dropping photo

Marvel fans are eagerly awaiting Wolverine’s arrival in Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

This amazing image of Tom Hardy playing the role has added to their excitement.

The X-Men are heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We don't yet know when or how.

We do know it will happen, and we will likely see it in the near future.

Two recent rumors suggest that Wolverine and the X-Men could be seen in two different properties if they are true. 

Rumors suggested that the character could be seen again in Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness, however that has not been confirmed. However, these rumors are exciting.

The Disney/Fox merger, and subsequent confirmation of the long-awaited MCU Fantastic Four movie

confirms that Marvel is ready for the next phase in their shared universe. We're not talking just about Phase Four.

Marvel Studios is yet to answer the question of who will play the mutant Wolverine with claws.