"Yellowstone" actor is charged with fraud in the disability payment system

"Yellowstone" actor Q'Orianka Kilcher was charged with fraud in obtaining nearly $97,000 of disability payments while working on the television show, the authorities said on Monday.

Kilcher 32-year-old, from North Hollywood, is charged with two felonies of workers insurance fraud, as per an official statement issued by the California Department of Insurance.

Kilcher in 2020 portrayed Angela Blue Thunder for four episodes of the Paramount Network Western, which also stars Kevin Costner.

She also played Pocahontas for the film "The New World" and was also in the 2019 film "Dora and the Lost City of Gold."

When she was doing work for "Dora" in October 2018, Kilcher allegedly injured her shoulder and neck according to the insurance company.

One year later Kilcher told an insurance doctor who was handling the claim that she was offered work , 

but she was unable to take it due to the intense neck pain that resulted caused by her injury, as per the statement of the insurance company.

From 2019 to 2021, Kilcher was paid 96,000 in disability-related benefits in the form of temporary disability. 

However, an investigation revealed that Kilcher was working in the film "Yellowstone" for several months during the time that she was claiming to have a disability, according to the department."