Kelly Reilly's Insightful Comment on Cole Hauser's 'Yellowstone’ Fans Sends a Wild Ride.

The fifth season of Yellowstone is currently being shot in Montana. 

Stars have given fans behind-the-scenes glimpses of the set. 

We are eagerly awaiting the drama's November 13 release date. These photos make us even more excited for what the Duttons do next.

Many of the summer sets have been a family affair for many actors, including Cole Hauser who was joined by Cynthia Hauser and their 

Cole shared a stunning photo in which he was wearing a Rip Wheeler costume and riding a horse before looking out at a breathtaking landscape. 

The caption he added to the photo was "Peace in the mountains of Montana." Any Maschke, thank you for the awesome saddle I had this year on the YS5!

The best comment was made by Cole's screen love Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton on Yellowstone.