'Yellowstone' Fans Have Doubts over Beth and Jamie's Instagram Clip

It's only a matter of weeks before Yellowstone begins its return with season five. 

Fans are already getting glimpses of what's likely to transpire with Beth (Kelly Kelly) as well as Jamie (Wes Bentley).

In the winter of last year, this Paramount Network drama ended on an emotional note as Season 4's finale 

featured Jamie murdering his biological father which was made by him to safeguard his reputation. 

When Beth's ultimatums left the lawyer covered in blood on his hands and she took a photo of him removing the body. 

"You ought to have chosen one or two because you're now f--king mine," Beth told Jamie on the show.

In the event that Yellowstone's official Instagram has been providing clues

to what's coming up in new episodes of the fifth season this latest message doesn't look very promising for Jamie. 

"You're going to destroy everything, isn't it?" Jamie asks Beth in an upcoming Instagram video that features old footage.