'Yellowstone' Just Announced Major News With a Legendary Kevin Costner Instagram Post 

Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone series may be situated within the U.S. during different time times, but the show's fanbase extends far beyond the borders of Montana. 

While viewers who watch the Paramount Network series continue counting on the days to Yellowstone season 5's premiere in the fall,

viewers from across the Atlantic can begin to catch up with The Dutton family.

If you didn't catch the show, Yellowstone is now available to stream on the U.K. through Paramount+. 

In May, it was announced about the service's streaming was set to begin its launch in the United Kingdom and South Korea with plans to launch in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria later in the year. 

Then, on the 20th of June, a host of stars celebrated the thrilling U.K. release that made 20 popular shows --

such as Yellowstone 1883 Yellowjackets as well as The First Ladyeasily accessible to a larger public.

One of the more than two dozen performers who graced the stage for the event included Kevin Costner, who unsurprisingly received a lot of applause by the audience.

Then, the official Yellowstone Instagram account announced the news, along with images of Kevin Costner at the ceremony.