Zac Efron claims he almost died in a severe accident that broke his jaw.

This led to speculations about whether he had undergone plastic surgery.

Entertainment Tonight's Zac Efron spoke out about the 2013 accident that nearly killed him. "It sucks.

Efron said that he almost died but that it was a blessing. He also addressed online rumors about him having undergone cosmetic surgery and called them "funny."

In an interview with Men's Health published September 7, Efron clarified his story.

He said that the accident happened while Efron was running through his home in socks.

The actor then fell and collided with a granite fountain, breaking his jaw.

The "Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil, Vile" actor stated that the masseters had "just grew."

They just got really, really large." Efron said that he learned about the chatter around his altered face after his mother called to ask him straight if he had ever had plastic surgery. 

Men's Health was told by Efron that he has avoided social media since the time he became a star in "High School Musical" at age 17.