Zendaya needed stitches after a cooking accident

It is clear that Zendaya won't create any new recipes in the kitchen anytime very soon.

The 25-year-old Hollywood celebrity who is set to make a major next step in her career revealed to her fans and followers a minor injury she had to undergo during cooking.

The latest Emmy nominee shared the heartbreaking experience on Instagram Stories, posting the perfect groomed finger, and securing it with a bandage.

She wrote, "See now... this is why I don't cook."

Zendaya then shared photos of her at the hospital as she received medical treatment she wrote "Update" and revealed that she had her first experience receiving stitches.

"Baby's first stitches lol back to never cooking again," including a heart-shaped emoticon. In the image, the actress is having stitches put on her finger.

The model was joined by assistant Darnell Appling as she received medical care.

"Never a dull moment with Zendaya no pun intended," Darnell posted to the account's Instagram Stories with a laughing emoticon.

"Dear God, help me keep this little heffa safe because she clumsy as hell," Darnell added.